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The future of gaming arrived in 2005 with the sleek XBox 360. Fusing stunning games, powerful technology, and intelligent services, XBox 360 put the gamer at the center of the video entertainment experience.

In 2007, Microsoft launched the XBox 360 Elite further enhancing its unique gaming experience. Utilizing powerful hardware, software, and services, XBox 360 Elite delivers innovative technology that is always connected, always personalized, and always in high definition — with gameplay that exceeds, by far, anything you've seen or felt in video entertainment before.

In-Depth Reviews

"Microsoft's XBox 360 was the first "next-generation" game console to hit the market in November 2005, beating the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 by a full year. Like its peers, the 360 initially suffered from a somewhat anemic game lineup and some annoying hardware and software limitations. Since its launch, however, the Xbox team has implemented an assortment of incremental improvements, even going so far as to release an updated version of the console. The result, as of fall 2007, is the best version of the Xbox 360 to date." more from

"Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite is here, and this version of the sleek, matte-black game console offers more than just cosmetic improvements. The unit's bolstered specs--such as a 120GB hard disk drive and an HDMI 1.2 connector, perfect for today's high-def TVs--mean more room to store digital content and a better way to view high-definition content." more from

"We reviewed the first Xbox 360 on November 20, 2005. That means the system is less than two years old, and we get to say it was the "first" 360. Microsoft has already seen fit to update the system with a new connection, a bigger hard drive, and a spiffy paint job. If you've been paying attention to the rumors and reading gaming news sites during the past six months or so you've probably heard of the Xbox 360 Elite. " more from

"The enhanced version of Microsoft's successful gaming console has to realistically be marked down as a missed opportunity. On one hand it's undoubtedly a powerful beast, and better equipped to go toe-to-toe with Sony's Playstation 3 machine. But on the other, there was a real chance to seize the initiative here, one that Microsoft appears to have squandered." more from

"The Xbox 360 Elite, clad in black with metallic detail, comes with a 120GB hard disk and a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). Also included are HDMI and component video cables, XBox Live headset, used to communicate with other players in multiplayer games through Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service, and a wireless game controller." more from

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